Essential Files

Files required for the template to function:

  • Template (Standalone) (J15) rt_radiance_j15.tgz or (J17) - Standalone template file without the Gantry Framework.
  • Template (Bundle) (J15) or (J17) - Template plus the Gantry Framework.
  • RokNavMenu (J15) first) or; or (J17) first) or - Required for the menu to work.

Additional Files

Ancillary files for the template:

  • Source PNG(s) - Adobe® Fireworks PNG source file(s) and any applicable fonts.
  • Source BG PNG(s) - Adobe® Fireworks PNG BG source file(s) — Only distributed if the template has complex BGs.
  • Extensions (J15) or (J17) - All extensions for the template.
  • RocketLauncher (J15) or (J17) - Demo replica installer.

Login Form

Menu Options

Radiance supports two menu systems, the Mootools enhanced CSS dropdown menu Fusion Menu, and the venerable Splitmenu.

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Logo Customization

Accompanied by Adobe® Fireworks CS5 PNG source files, allowing for quick modification of the logo, and other template image elements.

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