There is a fine line between "the quest for perfection" and being in too deep! 


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As foretold in the Commodore's recent AGM report, City of Gold Coast have today erected a sign advising the public of PRYC's right of use access to the new landing platform.

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While three new committee members - Barry Hill, Rex Scott and Warwick Wood joined the ongoing executive management team at today's AGM, members voted in favour of no change to the club's constitution.


Allen Walker (former PRYC Commodore) has taken out First Place in the Queensland DF95 Championships with Laurie Hinchcliffe ( PRYC's Sailing Secretary & Halcyon Vision DF95 Fleet  creator) securing the Second Place trophy positiion.

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While some other PRYC Fleets gave Saturday racing a miss due to the rain, our 10R Fleet braved the conditions and Covid-19 Border crossing delays to enjoy the NSW Lake Kimberley Challenge.

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Laurie Hinchcliff is PRYC's Sailing Secretary and an IOM, RC Laser, 10R and DF95 skipper. He has recently fostered a whole new group of radio sailors. 

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