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 A benefit of the class is the reasonable purchase price, currently around $550- $580 AUS for a complete boat including all electrics.

Following in the wake of the successful Dragon Force 65 yacht designed by three top RC designers John Tushingham, Mike Weston and Mark Dicks from the UK, they have now released a 950 mm version known as the Dragon Flite 95 (DF95) manufactured by Joysway.

We the new DF95 skippers at PRYC find that these designers have succeeded with a truly well balanced and near perfect handling radio controlled yacht. The beauty of the Dragon Flite 95, is being a strict one design class,thus sailing does not become an arms race where money rules. Any replacement parts required must be purchased from the supplier and essentially a boat will remain competitive for as long as it floats.  

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 You don't have to know how to sail remote controlled yachts as our more experienced skippers have positively accepted a mentoring role to the benefit of new club members. Our race days are run by the rules of sailing and are competitive on the water.

Please be assured that even if you are new to RC sailing, you wll be made most welcome to the DF95 Fleet.

The DF95 is a one design class which is becoming very popular as an entry class into radio sailing.

Recently following national recognition by the ARYA, the DF95's had their inaugral national event in March 2020 at Austin Lakes, South Yunerup in Western Australia with over 25 entrants. 2020 DF95 Australian Championship Results and report link

We at PRYC cater for all from juniors / beginners to the elderly sailors. We love sailing by the rules as it makes it fair for all. We will gradually help you understand the rules and offer encouragement, suggesting fixes and adjustment to your sails / electronics. Yes, it will make your day by winning your first handicap race then perform well in scratch races.

Sailing socially is fun, so why not come and try your hand. We will even show you how to sail in circles. Ha! Ha!


Sailng Race Time:   Friday from 11.30AM until 3.30 PM. 


DF95 SAIL NUMBERS in Australia are managed by the ADFRSA Inc and can be applied for via this link.


DF95 Set up & Maintenance Guide LINK


DF95 Sail Tuning Guide LINK


DF95 News & Information from Australia: 


2020 DF95 Queensland Championships hosted by PRYC - Report LINK


PRYC DF95 Fleet NEWSLETTER # 1 November 2020 LINK


PRYC Dragon Flite 95 (DF95) Fleet Captain:  Ron Brown   Mobile 0450176522   




Paradise Radio Yacht Club LOGOsail insignia 10rPRYC Ten Rater (10R)

Class Information

The 10R division fleet sails every Saturday at Emerald Lakes on a course separate to the IOMs. Racing commences at 10.00 am and we sail a minimum of 16 recorded races (weather permitting), completing at around 3pm. Thereafter social sailing takes place on demand, followed by informal refreshments, on demand.

The up to 14 strong fleet of PRYC members are often joined by visitors from other clubs and by prospective sailors, with the accent always being on a fair, fun - filled but competitive day.

STH Q 10R 8 SEPT 2012 51 copySeveral members have second boats available for loan/experience trial at our race days by visitors and prospective members – please phone 55984349 (Adrian) or 02 66723456 (Ross) to make arrangements in advance of any Saturday.

Club Handicap days are held on the third Saturday of each month, with the balance being Club Championship Scratch days with all races counting towards the respective annual trophies.  Practice sail days are held every Wednesday at Emerald Lakes.

Currently the fleet includes a variety of designs plus marbleheads.

Both new and experienced guest sailors are always welcomed and accommodated to ensure we all enjoy the day. Irrespective of levels of competence, sailors’ enthusiasm, latent ability and the intention to enjoy the day are what count at our race meetings.


PRYC Ten Rater Fleet Captain: Ross Capper  Phone 0467521313.

Skippers considering the purchase of a second-hand yacht should ensure it has a valid measurement certificate.


65ne1wwPRYC Dragon Force 
65 Paradise Radio Yacht Club LOGO
Class Information

A benefit of the class is the low purchase cost, currently around $260 AUS for a complete boat including all electrics.  England's, Mark Dicks used his race winning RG 65 Light Ice design for the Dragon Force 65 class (DF65). Those who become involved can be assured the class is well thought out, not just a cheap toy.

The beauty of the Dragon Force 65, being a strict one design class, is that sailing does not become an arms race where money rules.  Any replacement parts required must be purchased from the supplier and essentially a boat will remain competitive for as long as it floats.

The manufacturer Joysway, began selling Dragon Force 65 sail boats in 2013. According to the sole Australian importer about 1,000 were sold in Australia to the end of May 2015 and by November 2017, just over 2,000 in total were sold by Hobby Warehouse. By 2019 DF65 yachts were being raced in some 64 different clubs around Australia.



 PRYC skippers began racing Dragon Force 65 yachts in 2014 as part of an RG 65 class. With the release of Dragon Force 65 Restricted Class Rules Version 1.6 in 2017 permitting the use of an A+ sail, yachts using such sails no longer fit within RG65 class rules. Dragon Force 65 class was recognized in November 2017 as the fourth PRYC yacht class. Forty-two PRYC skippers currently have Dragon Force 65 yachts as of August 2020. 

 MG 3960

A competitive core group of skippers race every Tuesday and  Saturday each month at Emerald Lakes.  The format alternates between scratch and handicap racing from week to week.

June 30 2020 DF65sss

 More experienced skippers have positively accepted a mentoring role to the benefit of new club member novice RC sailors.  Race days are run by the rules of sailing and are competitive, yet fun, and the camaraderie of everyone involved is excellent.

All newcomers and visitors are welcome to attend. 

Racing Times:

Each Tuesday and Saturday from 11.00 AM until 3.00 PM with set up from 10.30 AM.

For new skippers, a comprehensive information kit is available on request. It contains references to many aspects of PRYC Dragon Force 65 boat preparation and racing. New yacht owners are urged to contact the club for important advice, before launching boats on the water.



A+ Sail Tuning Videos LINK

Sail Tuning Guide LINK

Rigging & Tuning Workshop Videos LINK


Sail Number  allocation in Australia is managed by the Australian DF Radio Sailing Association Inc. Registration Link     

PRYC Dragon Force 65 Fleet Captain:   Julian O'Brien      Phone 0431930744


PRYC 2016 Dragon Force Challenge link: here

Queensland Dragon Force Championship 2017 link: here

National DF65 Invitational Challenge 2018 link: here

 2020 DF65 Queensland Championships link: Report and Videos

Resource information and contact details for Dragon Force 65 skippers around Australia: here


laserlogoParadise Radio Yacht Club LOGOPRYC RC Laser
Class Information



The RC Lasers were introduced to the club in mid 2012 and there is now an active fleet of about a dozen boats.

Vis25s22 COPY sss

Lasers sail on Wednesdays with the first race starting at 11.00 am and the last at 3.00 pm.  A Laser comes in a distinct blue carry bag ready-assembled so no boat building skills are needed. With a new boat out of the bag, just add a radio and receiver and start sailing. The design is simple and exceedingly robust allowing Lasers to easily survive encounters with other boats and rocky shorelines. The relatively heavy keel and standard A, B, C and D rigs allow sailing in all winds up to 40 knots. With no mast stays and a single main sheet, rigs can be changed in under half a minute.

The increase in the fleet is undoubtely because of its strict one-design which makes all boats uniform.The purpose of one-design, is to ensure that the sailor’s skill will be the primary factor in the outcome of races among boats of that class. One- design boats appeal to those who would rather sail and race on equal terms and enjoy a good support system of other owners and a strong class.

The RC Laser is a quarter scale model of the boats sailed in the Olympics. There are RC fleets all around the world with more than 10,000 in USA alone. Because of the strict one-design rule, a boat 10 years old can be as competitive as a new one which means that as well as close racing there is no need for any major outlay to keep abreast of the latest design and the used boats keep their value.

In November 2017, our club hosted the pinnacle RC Laser event in the world; the RC Laser Championship of Nations  international regtta. In a great week of sailing, two of our skippers featured in the top four placings in a field of 56 skippers from around the world. You can be assured of a high calibre of yacht racing competition.

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We have loan boats available so come and join us and find out how much fun it is to sail a RC Laser.

The RC Laser is simple to sail and a challenge to race.




PRYC International Laser Class Fleet Captain:
Geoffrey Smith Phone 0459239171

Paradise Radio Yacht Club LOGOiom logoPRYC International One Metre
Thursday Racing Information

Every Thursday, IOM skippers take to the water with a friendly competitive attitude for handicap racing. Generally, we have between 4 and 10 boats go through the start line. Racing rules are still enforced; however, the general attitude is a little more relaxed than on Saturdays. Sailing starts at 11.00 AM each Thursday (set up from 10.00 AM) and finishes around 3.00 PM. We generally have a break for lunch after 3 or 4 races and complete 12 races by the end of the afternoon.

pryc iopmAll comers are welcome. Because generally someone will lend you their boat to try out, Thursday on the pond is a great opportunity before you take the next step of purchasing a yacht. Competitors from all Clubs are always made to feel welcome, so come and try the most competitive radio sport available.

PRYC IOM Thursday Fleet Captain:

Mike Austin   Phone 0427837979

Skippers considering the purchase of a second-hand IOM yacht should ensure it has a valid measurement certificate.




Paradise Radio Yacht Club LOGOiom logoPRYC International One Metre
Class Information

Our Club was originally established in 2007 specifically for the RACING of radio controlled IOM yachts which is the largest Class in the World, being raced in over 30 countries.

We have since altered our Constitution to provide for racing other classes, but the IOM remains our Principal Class with racing on Saturday afternoons [ 12.30-4pm or 12 races] and Thursday "TOP’s" [Thursday On the Pond] providing a more relaxed and social environment [12.30 – 3.00 PM]. The IOM Saturday fleet regularly enjoys 10-20 starters including ex big boat sailors with World, Sydney-Hobart and National representative honours in their personal histories.

pryc iopmOur IOM fleet has also produced representatives to numerous World, European and NZ Championship events.

If you are looking for competitive RC yacht racing, this is the class for you.

PRYC International One Meter Fleet Captain:Bill Clancy Phone (07) 5598 1531

Skippers considering the purchase of a second-hand IOM yacht should ensure it has a valid measurement certificate.

PRYC hosted 2016 Queensland IOM State Championship racing videos link:


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