Our first DF fleet captain’s quietly spoken manner and welcoming and supportive focus fostered the development of new skippers to radio control racing. He set an example by sharing use of his boat and assisting newcomers to get their sails set on numerous occasions.

Notable during his tenure was the DF yacht sail tuning and rules workshops and the first ever DF interclub ‘Dragon Force Challenge’ event (2016).

Now with his home sold, and awaiting a move to a yet to be completed lifestyle community home, Tony’s caravan is on the road for the next few months.

With that happening, Tony Dallimore has handed the DF fleet captaincy onto our willing and enthusiastic newly elected RG65 DF Fleet captain Charmaine White.

We look forward to # 89 being back on the water more regularly when Tony moves into his new home.

In the meantime, we wish him safe & happy caravanning and thank him for all his efforts in managing and developing the DF fleet.


Tony freely sharing his knowledge at the PRYC Dragon Force Sail tuning workshop.